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Basket Contents 8/8/22
1.5lbs Local Yellow Peaches
1 pint Local, Organic Blueberries
1 pound Local, Organic Green Beans
1 quart Local, Organic Mini Eggplant
1 pint Local, Organic Mixed Cherry Tomatoes
1 bunch Local, Organic Leeks
1 head Local, Organic Romaine Lettuce
1 bunch Local, Organic Rainbow Carrots
1 bunch Local, Organic Chioggia Beets
1 bunch Red Swiss Chard

Fruit Supplement:
1.5lbs Local Donut Peaches
1.5lbs Local Yellow Nectarines

Fruit Supplement +2:
1.5lbs Organic Bing Cherries
1 pound Organic Candy Snap Grapes

*basket contents are subject to availability at the farm, items might change.