Long before the days of The Piggery, Heather Sandford and Brad Marshall met studying at Cornell University. Following graduation, both moved to New York City where Heather worked in the record industry and Brad began his time at the French Culinary Institute. It was here that each became increasingly exposed to the local food movement while living in walking distance of Union Square Greenmarket. This love affair with local food would continue, and strengthen, with their move to San Francisco where “jobs in computer programming, a few dot-coms, eventually real estate, and great local, fresh foods all year round” would finally lead them to their passion for food in shape of The Piggery!

The Piggery is a small collection of sustainable farms in Ithaca, NY that raise heirloom breeds of pigs, cows, and turkeys on pasture, supplemented with locally raised GMO-free small grains (barley, wheat, triticale, peas) on 70 acres of farmland in the beautiful Finger Lakes region. They specialize in hand crafting incredible deli meats in their own small USDA-certified butcher shop. NO Nitrates, Fillers, Additives, Preservatives, GMO’s, or Antibiotics.