Events at Mike’s

Events at Mike’s 


Jack Knife Sharpening with Jacuterie

Two Jacks are better than One! 

Get your knives sharpened by Jack of Jack Knife

and then sample charcuterie from Jack of Jacuterie.

$7 per blade sharpening fee paid to Jack Knife.

Sunday, April 17th


Registration opens next week! 


Sheep Shearing & Penny Lick Ice Cream Co. 

Bring the kids to Mike’s for Sheep Shearing Day!

Meet farmers Pete and Carol Sepe from Sepe Farm in Sandy Hook, CT

and watch a real live Sheep Shearing.

Then enjoy crafts, ice cream tastings,

special guest appearances by baby lambs, and more! 

Sunday, April 25th 


$5 per attendee- Registration Opens Next Week

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