About Us

What we do

Mike’s Organic Delivery brings sustainable, healthy, delicious food to your door each week.

We only partner with small farmers, fishermen, artisans and producers to bring you the highest quality products that you can’t find anywhere else.

Our mission is to take all of the guess work, leg work and mystery out of eating clean, wholesome, good for you food. Period.

Order once in a while, sign up for a CSA, or come shop at our warehouse when it suits you…We’re here to make eating healthy fun and delicious!

What we believe in

There are two words we use every single day at Mike’s Organic…Connection and Transparency.

A direct connection to the people who grow, raise and make your food and transparency as to what’s on it, what’s in it, when it was picked and more.

There is no way to establish these two cornerstones of healthy eating and living unless you can talk to the farmers, meet the makers, and get out into the field (literally and figuratively).

Every week we are with our farmers and asking the questions you would want to know the answers to. There is not one product in our warehouse that we haven’t eaten, vetted, tried and approved!

When you order from Mike’s you are choosing to support small farmers, a healthier planet, your local economy and all of the things currently missing from our industrial agriculture model.

Mike’s Story

Mike's Organic Delivery Story (Photo of Mike)Sometimes all it takes is a little push and you’re heading in the right direction…

For Mike that push came after quitting his job in advertising and spending 3 months living and working in the Kalahari Desert.

During his stay he had almost no contact with the “outside world,” working in the African bush and fending for himself in every sense of the word. In preparation he bought a 3 month supply of food from a supermarket in Maun, Botswana and learned something incredible. All the food at the supermarket looked and tasted better than almost anything you could buy at a grocery store in the U.S.

The seed had been planted! It took time away from “civilization” to start questioning not only what he was eating, but how it was grown and where it was coming from.

During his trip he was charged by a leopard, almost bitten by a cobra and was in a plane that lost an engine. In every sense of the expression, it was a life altering experience.

When Mike returned home he was 20 pounds lighter, in the best shape of his life, and committed to sharing what he had learned.

He became a student of how food was grown, where the seeds come from, how it was cared for, raised, packaged, shipped, and displayed. Mike committed to immersing himself in local sustainable farming and agriculture culture. He consumed books, attended lectures, and volunteered at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture. These learning experiences and a lifetime of cooking, gardening, fine dining, hunting and fishing were the foundation for Mike’s Organic.