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CS Fishery: Keeping it Local

If you’ve opened a can of tuna from CS Fishery, you probably had the same reaction that my husband and I did. We took the cover off of the 7-ounce can, and there in front of us were chunks of meat. It wasn’t shredded and gray. It was actual chunks of fish in olive oil. We both look […]

About Us

Our Products We Source the Best, Local, Organic Products Organic Most of what we sell is organic, direct from farms in our area. 100% Natural Eat local, consume local, closer to nature. Curated Products Everything we sell in our store and online are hand-curated by our team Supporting Small Farmers We support and sell products […]

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Discover Local & Organic Flavors Shop Local Shop Our Premium Pantry Shop Pantry Detox with SeasonalGreen Vegetables Shop Green Shop Best-Selling Favorites Shop All Customer’s Are Lurving These Favorite Finds Shop now Just Stocked Fresh From Farm Seasonal Picks Customer Favorites 1 head Organic Garlic $1.99 Add to cart 1 pound Organic Garnet Sweet Potatoes […]

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Meeting Mark Bittman

Dear friends, Yesterday I met someone famous…someone I discovered years ago whochanged my whole outlook on food. Mark Bittman. Discovery is the vessel that ferriesus to all types of places,experiences, people and more. And often our greatest discoveriesstart in unexpected ways. This particular one beganwith a call from Greenwich Library. Immediately I racked my brain […]

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Sticks Out

Dear friends, When I first heard news of the tragicdeath of Teddy Balkind I was stunned. Something that should never happen, did. A young boy playing thegame he loved lost his life. It’s caused an entire communityto pause, grieve and take stock. Each week I try to write about somethingto inspire, and bring hope into […]

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Thanksgiving is the Full Plate

Dear friends, You’ll never look at Thanksgiving thesame after reading this letter… You might look at your food differently too. The Thanksgiving story begins longbefore the 4th Thursday in November. There may by any number of itemson your plate for the big meal. But how did they get there? For us it begins with a […]

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Dear friends, Let me tell you a story abouta boy, a bin, and a thousand socks. A reminder of how muchgood still exists in this world. Jackson is no ordinary 11-year old. I met him for the first time just the otherday when he came into the marketwith his dad, plastic bin under his arm. […]